SUP Care Instructions

Have you recently purchased a SUP board from Aquatique and would love to learn more about how to care for your board and where best to use it. We have some great tips below for you, to make sure you get the most out of your SUP.
Care Instructions:
- Keep you board out of direct sunlight as must as possible
- When you're not using your board, store the board in a cool, dry area. Storage plays a big part in keeping the board in good condition for a long period of time.
- Store your board in a board bag if you can.
- If you do hit something hard, check over your board immediately, as you do not want water getting into the foam core of your board.
- Repair any dings that have cracked the surface of the SUP.
- Do not remove the Gore-Tex Plug in the board, as it will release the gas inside your board.
 - We recommend the use of rail tape to protect the side of the board. Rail Tape is a great investment to keep you board looking good for longer.
Here is a link of a video of how to apply rail tape
Where to go for a SUP around the Shoalhaven:
We are lucky to live in a beautiful area perfect to use your SUP board.
Whether you are looking for somewhere flat to start your SUP journey or somewhere to catch waves, we have the places for you to enjoy the use of your SUP. 
For flat water SUP use: Narrawalle Intet, Currambene Creek at Huskisson, Suxxex Inlet are favourites of ours.
For waves on a SUP: Culburra, Huskisson or Mollymook are our favoruites.