Rip Curl Watch Warranty and Care Instructions Guide


Thank you for purchasing a Rip Curl Watch from Aquatique!

We hope that you love your watch and the service provided by one of our team members when purchasing your watch.

If you do need to make a warranty claim, one of our team can assist with finding your receipt on our system and help with the process of returning your watch. 

Please see information in regards to your watch, the warranty and how to set up your watch below:


Rip Curl Watch Warranty:


2-year warranty on the Movement

2-year warranty on the Water Resistance

1 year warranty on the Watch Battery


Warranty is only covered if watch is purchased from an authorised Rip Curl Australia dealer

Warranty is voided if someone other than Rip Curl Service Centre team open the watch, even for inspection.

Warranty is not covered if the watch is damaged due to general wear and tear

Warranty does not cover the crown (the winder), hands, stem, dials, glass, case or the band of the watch

When your watch is returned for a battery warranty, the watch is resealed and tested before being returned. Another one-year extension is added to your battery and water resistance warranty.

Warranty is only covered if returned with proof of purchase.

Watches are tested to the highest industry standards before being sent from Rip Curl.

Watch Care:


Heat, temperature changes, salt and other elements can impact and diminish your watch, especially if used in salt watch constantly. We recommend returning your watch every 24 months for inspection and to have the seals replaced and fully tested at the Rip Curl Service Centre.

Do not use/operate buttons under water

If exposed to salt water, rise thoroughly with freshwater and a soft cloth. Do not clean with spray cleaners or volatile agents.

Do not wear leather bands in water, unless your watch features a Surf Leather Band.

Do not attempt to open the watch. Should moisture appear in your watch, return to be assessed by Rip Curl.

Avoid dropping your watch, as impact may diminish your watch’s ability.

For more warranty and care information, please follow this link.

Watch Instructions:


If you need help with setting your watch, come in and see one of our team members and we can assist. If you would like to set your watch yourself, please follow this link to find the watch instructions.