Sunglass Warranties & Care Instructions

Sunglass Warranties & Care Instructions
Thank you for purchasing a pair of sunglasses from Aquatique. We hoped you enjoyed your experience in store or from our online team when purchasing your item. Our team hopes to pass on as much information as possible, but in case you would like to know more, please see some great information below:
Care instructions & use:
  • DO NOT: use as eye protection against mechanical impact
  • DO NOT: use as impact protection against a hazard
  • DO NOT: use for direct viewing of the sun or viewing of artificial light including solaria
  • DO NOT: use lens category 1 – category 4 while driving, as it will hinder your abilities.
  • DO NOT: use if sunglasses impact your ability to drive
  • DO: use mild soap and water to clean your sunglasses and then clean with a microfibre cloth or sunglass bag by dabbing the sunglasses rather than wiping.
  • DO NOT: use a dirty cloth or sunglass bag to clean the sunglasses, turn the bag inside out as this is where it is cleanest.
  • DO NOT: use parts that are not intended for the sunglasses, only parts approved by the dealer. Any alterations may cancel the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • DO NOT: store the sunglasses in temperatures above 35 degrees
Sunglass Warranties:
  • Dragon – 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Oakley – 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Otis – lifetime of sunglasses (1 year) manufacturer’s warranty
  • Rayban – 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Pit Viper - 30 days warranty
  • Carve - 6 months manufacturers warranty
  • Liive - 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Reality - 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Sito - 1 year manufacturers warranty
Warranty information:
  • The warranties by all brands do not cover scratches to the lenses.
  • Warranty claims will be assessed by Aquatique staff and then by the manufacturer.
  • Warranties will not be covered if sunglasses have been altered with parts not intended for that sunglass.
  • Warranties are only covered when the item is purchased through an authorised dealer
  • Warranties are not covered if purchased from an online auction site.
  • Proof of purchase is always required for a warranty claim.


Bring your sunglasses into Aquatique for warranty assessment or reach out to our team via email on
We can also organise authorised spare parts for your sunglasses, including arms and lenses. Bring your sunglasses in for assessment or reach out via