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True to this since ‘91 Volcom was founded in 1991, by a few friends on a snowboard week in Tahoe. The friends came up with the idea of creating a riding company based around the three sports they loved; Surfing, Skating and Snowboarding. With no real idea on how to make clothes and a mere $5000USD start, Volcom was born and the first years clothing sales were just $2600USD. Inspired by creative spirit, Volcom creates products for people true to their passions. Since its early beginnings the, now well recognised, Volcom Stone has slow spread across the world. Volcom are future focused company committed to actioning true sustainability. The vision at Volcom is to turn obstacles into opportunity, have courage to tempt the impossible and embrace the strange. Continuing to push further and try again. The Volcom way of thinking flows through art, music, film athletes and clothing.


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