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Since the beginning, Dragon has set out to be a leading sunglasses and eyewear brand in the active youth & lifestyle market. Dragon was founded on the back of their love for surfing, snowboarding and their love of riding dirt bikes, where you can see this in their products and future developments. Dragon is a brand innovative with technology, function and ascetics. Improving on their technology of the year before, now bringing in their signature LUMALENS technology, allowing for optimised, ultra-high definitions optics across the spectrum of light conditions. LUMALENS improves visibility in all environments, improved depth perception and reduces eye fatigue. Dragon has also introduced plant-based resin frames into their collection, which is a cleaner way to create the sunglasses frame, still making it highly durable and lightweight. You can find Dragon sunglasses in all three Aquatique locations, where friendly staff will answer all tech related questions and help pick the right style for you. You can also shop Dragon Sunglasses on our online store, servicing Australia wide.


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