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Converse, there for you. Scroll down to shop the collection of Converse shoes, found in Aquatique Surf Shop. You can shop Converse in any of our three locations or on our online store. Converse has always pushed the boundaries of what a sneaker can do. Whether you are hitting the half pipe, shooting hoops, one on one or need sneakers to get you through you next music gig, Converse has been there for you. Converse Rubber Sole Shoe Company began in 1908 making mostly Galoshes for men, women and children. By 1915 the company switched its focus to cresting athletic shoes. Chuck Taylor History – in 1921 when Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor joined Converse after complaining to the sales office in Chicago about having sore feet. He persuaded the company to create a line of shoes designed purely for basketball, on the condition that he would also work as a salesman and promoter of the new All Star sneaker – which didn’t initially bear his name. Chuck Taylor travelled across the country promoting the All Stars, creating such an impact that the sneaker was later renamed after him and his signature added on either side of the logo. By the 1930s, the All Star was being worn by basketball players throughout America thanks to the influence of Chuck Taylor. Converse meets skate during the 70’s. With the DNA of Converse embedded with basketball, and the low-cut profiles becoming popular, the ONE STAR and CONS were born and transitioned to the soles of skateboarders across the globe


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