Aquatique now stocks Frank Green

Aquatique now stocks Frank Green

You can now find Frank Green drink bottles and accessories at Aquatique, on our online store servicing Australia wide and in our two stores, Nowra and Huskisson. Frank Green is becoming an in-store favourite brand and we are here to tell you why we love it!

Why Frank Green?

Frank Green is an Australian brand that has rapidly gained popularity for its sustainable, reusable drink bottles and coffee cups. Aquatique's decision to stock Frank Green products aligns perfectly with their mission to offer environmentally responsible options to their customers. Frank Green offer a range of sizes in their bottles including the favourite sizes 20OZ & 34OZ.

Sustainability at Its Core

One of the most remarkable aspects of Frank Green drink bottles is their commitment to sustainability. These bottles are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, reducing the need for single-use plastic. They are designed to be durable and long-lasting, further diminishing the reliance on disposable items. Additionally, Frank Green's commitment to sustainability extends to their manufacturing processes, ensuring that their carbon footprint remains minimal.

Innovative Features

Frank Green has revolutionized the drink bottle industry by incorporating cutting-edge technology into their products. The innovative spill-resistant lid and one-handed push-button opening make it a convenient choice for people on the go. Whether you're in a rush to catch your morning commute or heading to the gym, you can trust that your Frank Green drink bottle will keep your beverage secure and easy to access.

See the Rainbow of Options

One of the most exciting aspects of Frank Green's colour range is that it allows you to switch things up. Maybe one day you're feeling the vibrancy of a Neon Pink bottle, and the next day, you opt for the calming influence of Mint Gelato. The ability to change your drinkware colour to match your mood is a simple yet powerful way to add variety to your daily routine.

Smart Cups Accessories

For those who already own a Frank Green Smart Cup, there are accessories designed to enhance your experience. You can find a range of boot or lid options to personalize your cup, making it truly your own. These accessories are not just about aesthetics; they also allow you to fine-tune your cup to your specific needs, whether you want to enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee or simply seal it tight to prevent spills. We also stock a range of the Frank Green Car Cup Expanders, which are an insert for your car drink holder to hold a larger bottle.


We look forward to helping you select the perfect bottle and colour for you!