FCS II Performer Neo Glass Quad/Tri Fin Set


The FCS II Performer Neo Glass Fins are the ideal fin for surfers who want reliable, all-rounder fins. The fins are made from FCS Neo Glass, which is a premium constructed, precision moulded, long strand fibreglass.  The fins create the perfect combination of flow, speed, and response, due to its high fibreglass content and active flex pattern. The fins are completed with FCS IFT (Inside Foil Technology) that finishes this well-proportioned fin. These are a tri fin set, and made for boards with the FCS II fin system.

Fin Sizing:
XS - rider under 55kg
S - rider 55kg - 70kg
M - rider 65kg - 80kg
L - rider 75kg - 90kg
XL - rider over 95kg