Ocean & Earth

EZI Rider 7'0 Softboard


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The Ocean and Earth EZI Rider 7’0 Softboard is an awesome board that combines the feel of a softboard and longboard. The board features an EPS core that is both waterproof and lightweight, featuring 3 stringers to increase the boards strength. The bottom of the board is 1mm thick HDPE high density plater that is durable and slick for performance. The board features an interchangeable fin box that is combatable with most major fin brands and allows for a quick fin change. To reduce and help against delamination, all boards are tested in a heat induced environment for 2 hours and come with a warranty on workmanship. The board dimensions measure at 7’0 x 22 ¼” x 3 ¼” and is 60L and comes with 3 x 4.5” fins.