Discount Codes


Our online store will be offering discount codes at various times, as a way for us to reward our beautiful customers! Each discount code will have varied terms and conditions, that will be outlined below:

Discount Code: VIP30

Starts: 30-03-2020 at 9AM

Finishes: 12-04-2020 at 11:59PM

Terms & Conditions:

By entering the discount code at the checkout, you will receive 30% off your order.

This discount code is only valid for orders over $99, and one use per customer.

This discount code is available for all customers, and our VIP Customers will be able to earn loyalty points on their purchases.

Once the discount code has been entered, shipping rates will be calculated. Free shipping will remain, for purchases over $99, after the discount code has been applied to the cart. For carts totally less than $99, $9.95 postage will be added to your cart, or $14.95 for express shipping.

Aquatique’s return policy applies to all purchases made on our online store, including purchases using valid discount codes. If a purchase needs to be exchanged, an item of the same value will not incur additional charges, even if purchased using the discount code. An item or greater or lesser value, may incur additional charges to be paid, or a refund/credit of the differing value. For further inquiries, please see the returns card included in your purchase, or call (02) 4421 8159.

Happy shopping!