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010520 - Sarah's Staff Picks

010520 - Sarah's Staff Picks

How crazy is it to think that we are spending more time on the couch at the moment then exploring the outdoors, but does that mean we can spend more time with loved ones and watching all those TV shows we put on a list. Yessss! Hell Yess!






On my days off, I’m loving spending time watching TV and seeing how fast I can eat an entire block of Cadbury Chocolate. As for TV shows that I love, I’m honestly all over the place with genres I love and indulge in Foxtel shows. My favourites being Upright, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Shahs of Sunset and Gold Rush: White Water. Yeppp, I told you.






I love laying around in my trackpants, cosy fluffy jumper and of course wearing a pair of Blue Light glasses because all this screen time is making my eyes crazy. There is two things that will get me through this lockdown and they are Blue Light Glasses and my Hydro Flask. If you haven’t got a pair of Blue Light glasses you really are missing out and need to invest! Especially if your lights are the new LED ones, they producing crazy glare, you will notice the difference. Second thing, my Hydro Flask. I never drank much water before I had one, but I’m really getting better at it, and I think that it keeps it at a perfect temp for me, especially cooler things. A Hydro Flask will not only keep liquids cool and ice frozen until the end of the day, but will keep all those needed coffees or hot chocolates nice and warm. 



My Hydro Flask is an 18OZ wide mouth, I currently don’t have a straw lid because I feel I drink more without it, but if a straw will help, we have you covered at Aquatique too.






Enjoy your time eating chocolate, lounging around and just soaking up some much need R&R!



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